Welcome to the Social & Environmental Psychology Lab!

Dr. Sheets' Social & Environmental Psychology Lab conducts research on 4 things:

1. Close relationships. This includes studies of friendship, love, sexuality, jealousy, & breakups.

2. Environmental symbolism & meaning. This includes studies of the use of possessions and places to represent or expand your sense of self, including spiritually.

3.Socio-spatial behavior. This includes studies of territoriality, place attachment, and environmental preferences.

4. Evolutionary bases of behavior. This includes studies of the scientific application of evolutionary models to human behavior, in the areas listed above as well as others, e.g., social attitudes.

A message from Dr. Sheets

This site provides information about ISU’s Social & Environmental Psychology Lab including our current research projects. If you are an undergraduate student or potential graduate student interested in working in the Social & Environmental Psychology Lab, contact Dr. Sheets at Virgil.Sheets@indstate.edu.