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   Spring 2004


Textbook: Marieb, E. N. Human Anatomy and Physiology. 5th Edition, or any Human Anatomy and Physiology textbook.  Textbooks will be used as reference material, with primary information coming from the notes and lectures.

Instructor: Chris Ritzi. Rm 338, Tel. 237-8294 Email: lsritzi@isugw.indstate.edu

Classroom: Rm 214, Science Building

Time: Every Monday and Wednesday from 2 to 2:50 pm.


WEEK    DATE                     LECTURE                                                                                   

1              (Jan 12-16)           Introduction/Blood

2              (Jan 19-23)           MLK day(No Class) / Blood

3              (Jan 26-30)           Heart

4              (Feb 2-6)             Heart

5              (Feb 9-13)            Heart / Exam I

6              (Feb 16-20)          Blood Vessels

7              (Feb 23-27)          Blood Vessels / Lymphatic

8              (Mar 1-5)              Respiratory

9              (Mar 8-12)             Spring Break

10            (Mar 15-19)            Respiratory / Exam II

11            (Mar 22-26)            Urinary

12            (Mar 29-2)              Urinary / Balance

13            (Apr 5-9)                Balance / Exam III

14            (Apr 12-16)           Digestive

15            (Apr 19-23)             Nutrition/ Reproductive

16            (Apr 26-30)             Reproductive / Endocrine

17            (May 3)                Final Exam 3:00 pm



                Students are expected to attend all lectures and exams.  There are to be three exams during the course of the semester to test if concepts are being retained.  These exams will be lumped together to constitute 50% of the lecture grade, with the lowest of these exams being dropped from this calculation.  There is also a semi-comprehensive final exam worth 50 %.  Final exam will be a double test, first half being comprehensive over the first 3 test's material, while the second half will only be over material since the third exam.  Missing one of the first 3 exams without written excuse will result in a 25% deduction in grade.  Missing the final without excuse will result in failing the course.  Periodic attendance quizzes may be offered for extra-credit on exams.


                Although attendance is not required for all the lectures, previous experience indicates that only attending exams tends to hurt grades.  Some material is only presented during the lecture, with this material typically included on exams to add depth to the tests.  It is also encouraged that students spend a couple of hours after each class reviewing the notes and slides covered that day.  This course covers a lot of information, and only through continuous efforts can one succeed in learning Anatomy and Physiology.


Lecture Powerpoint Presentations

Course Introduction                                 The Urinary System

                    The Blood                              Water, Ions, and Acid/Base Balance

         The Heart                                       The Digestive System

The Blood Vessels                                     Nutrition/Metabolism

The Lymphatic System                           The Reproductive System

The Respiratory System                              The Endocrine System

Lecture Notes

The link below will access a Word document of the lecture notes that are used in combination with the lecture slides. Link to notes 

Lymphatic Extras                                                  Key to Questions on Endocrine Slides

Sample Questions

Blood                               1            2            3        

Heart                               1            2            3        

Blood Vessels                   1            2            3            4            5            6

Lymphatic                        1            2            3           

Respiratory                       1            2            3           

Urinary-Balance                1            2            3            4            5          

Digestion-Metabolism        1         

Reproduction                    1          

Endocrine                         1          

Comprehensive                 1            2     


Exam 1 and Key     Exam 2 and Key    Exam 3 and Key   


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