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Welcome to John O. Whitaker's Homepage

Feel free to browse this web page.  Below is information about the courses I teach, the research I conduct, as well as information about my lab.



Vertebrate Zoology



Systematic Seminar

Summer Field Courses:

Mammalian Ectoparasites


Food Habits


Field Study of Ecosystems

The main thrust of Dr. Whitaker's research is the ecology of small mammals.  Whitaker has made detailed studies on the food habits various mammals, herps, and fish, as well as helping to develop the technique used in analyzing insectivorous bat feces.  He has also devoted a great deal to the field of mammalian ectoparasites, helping to have described many parasites previously unknown to science.  Dr. Whitaker has contributed to  the natural history of many different organisms, with extensive work on shrews, rodents, salamanders, fish, and most recently bats.  Dr. Whitaker currently is studying the ecology of various bat species around the state, integrating radio-telemetry, food habits analysis, forage behavior, roosting habits, and ectoparasites to compile a new synthesis of bat ecology.  He is also working on various manuscripts and books, adding to his publication list that currently includes texts like Mammals of Indiana, Mammals of the Eastern United States, and the National Audubon Society Field Guide for Mammals.




Post Doctorate

Dale W. Sparks

Ph.D. Students

Jon Storm

Masters Students

Heather Brookhart

Matt Griswald

Connie Waggamon

Post-graduates active in the Lab

Brianne Everson

Christopher M. Ritzi

Research Drawings Specialist

Linda Castor at


Ecology and Organismal Biology Department, Indiana State University


Contact Information:

Rm 343 Science Building

(812)- 237-2383


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