Study Questions for In Justice for All Excerpts


1.      Which historical references in the personal statements/interviews require clarification?  Please list the references and page numbers to facilitate our class discussion of the historical situation.






2.      Record the acronyms [JACL for Japanese American Civic League, for example] that appear in the readings and spell out each acronym so that we can quickly cover this information in class.






3.      In your view, did the internment involve active and intentional discrimination against Japanese Americans?  List supporting evidence.






4.      Can you see any connections between W.E.B. DuBois’ comments on caste segregation and outside agents [first item in the Professor’s pack after the syllabus] and the experiences of the internees?  List examples.





5.      How would you characterize the behavior of the Japanese internees during their time in camp.  Again, list examples.






6.      Why does each interviewed internee believe it is important to relate these experiences?  In other words, what is each internee’s purpose in telling her or his story?


Mary Tsukamoto:



Emi Somakawa:



Tom Watanabe: