[Follow the procedures governing submission of extra credit work described under 6. Extra Credit in our course policies.]


Ongoing Extra Credit Opportunities:

  1. Go to Cunningham Memorial Library and watch In the White Man's Image, a 1992 documentary written and produced by Christine Lesiak.  The film covers Lieutenant Richard Henry Pratt's attempts to "save" Native Americans from extermination by educating them in Western values and culture.  Pratt's motto, "Kill the Indian and save the man," illustrates his perspective and suggests his relation to the notion of outside agents discussed by W.E.B. DuBois in "The Concept of Race."  Write a 2-3 page response linking the documentary to issues and/or readings discussed in this course. 

  2. Watch Mira Nair's film adaptation of The Namesake and write a 3 page discussion of the film adaptation. Your goal is to determine whether or not the film adaptation remains true to the spirit of Lahiri's novel despite Nair's re-ordering of the plot and the necessity of omitting characters and specific scenes that appear in the novel.

Single Occasion Extra Credit Opportunities: