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English Major Degree Requirements [Beginning Fall 2011--MS Word]]


English Teaching Major Degree Requirements [Beginning Fall 2011--MS Word]


Procedures for Admission to BCP I and Enrollment in CIMT 301/302

Judy Sheese Memo on ESPY 202 and BCP Entry


English Minor Degree Requirements [Beginning Fall 2011]


Advising Honors Students and Athletes: New PIN Rules


Foreign Language Placement Testing Information


Math Placement Information [Revised October 2012]


To Petition for Exception to a Degree Requirement, Click on the Curricular Petition Link


Priority Scheduling for Spring 2013 Registration:

November 5-November 30: Graduate Students and Seniors with at least 94 earned hours of credit

November 8-November 30: Juniors with at least 63 earned hours of credit

November 12-November 30: Sophomores with at least 32 earned hours of credit

November 15-November 30: Freshmen with 31 or fewer earned hours of credit

Note that each class no longer has a full week before the next class begins registering; to take advantage of priority registration, seniors must register by Wednesday, November 7, or they will begin losing classes to Juniors and then to sophomores by the following Monday.


Dean's Office Personnel and Their Areas of Responsibility:

Roxanne Torrence--DARS & Graduation Checkout Specialist; Curricular Petitions e-mail Telephone: 2778

Leslie Engelland--Transfer Students and Transfer Credit Evaluation; Academic Dismissals and Readmissions e-mail Telephone: 2963

Jerry Boyd--Student Academic Affairs e-mail Telephone: 2781