Foreign Language Placement Testing Information

Advisees who have completed the general education foreign language requirement prior to entering ISU, but who wish to pursue a B.A., a foreign language minor, or a second language major, must take a foreign language placement test. To do so, the simply contact the University Testing Office [ext. 7666] to arrange to take a placement test in the language of their choice. Students who place in FL 201 and then successfully complete that course will receive 9 hours of college credit because they will be awarded credit for FL 101 and FL 102 as well as for FL 201. Placing in and successfully completing FL 202 earns them 12 hours of college credit. These credit allocations are dependent, however, upon the grade that the student earns in the completed class. Visit the Department of Languages, Literatures, and Lingusitics website for more specific information about language course placement and credits earned upon completion of advanced coursework.