From: Brian Coldren
Sent: Monday, October 08, 2012 5:52 PM
To: Bruce McLaren; Jerry Boyd; Robert English; Jason Winkle; Yasenka Peterson; David Wright; Denise Collins
Cc: Joshua Powers; Susan Powers; April Hay; Linda Maule; Susan Johnson; Holly Hobaugh; Leslie Engelland; Joe Ashby; Kara Harris; Candi Jarvis; Michelle Fowler-Sands; Cynthia Evans; Judy Sheese; Kenneth Coleman; Troy Allen; Marlon Dechausay; Joel McMullen
Subject: Advisement PIN Changes for Honors Program and Student Athletes
Importance: High

Please share this information with all academic advisors in your college and any others who may work with these students.

ORR has worked with Dr. Greg Bierly, Director of University Honors Program, along with Marlon Dechausay, Director of Student Athlete Athletic Academic Services, and Joel McMullen, Assistant Athletic Director – Compliance, to enhance the registration process for students in the Honors Program and our student athletes.

Both of these populations are given access to register earlier than they normally would be able to if only looking at their class level. In the past, these populations were forced to register on paper scheduling forms manually in the Office of Registration and Records if they wanted to take advantage of being able to register early. Starting with this upcoming Priority Registration period, that is no longer the case. These students will now be able to register online via their Portal like any other student, and they will still be able to register early based on the Advisement PIN they will be issued. Issuing PINs to these students is simply a mechanism to allow them to be able to continue to have the benefit of registering “early”, but to now do it online via their Portal like other students.

Students in the University Honors Program are allowed to register as if they are a “Senior” student. For Spring/Summer 2013, this means they will be eligible to register on Monday, November 5. All Junior, Sophomore, and Freshmen students that are officially in the University Honors Program will have an Advisement PIN that they will need to get from their advisor to be able to register online on November 5. Dr. Bierly has asked that true Senior Honors Program students not be given a PIN since they were already eligible on that date.

Student athletes are able to register as if they are one class higher than their actual class – meaning Junior student athletes can register with the Seniors (November 5); Sophomore student athletes can register with the Juniors (November 8); and Freshmen student athletes can register with the Sophomores (November 12). Senior student athletes register with all other Seniors on the initial day of Priority Registration (November 5). Marlon and Joel have asked that ALL student athletes be given an Advisement PIN, including the Seniors. These students will need to have that PIN to be able to register online via their Portal account.

Nothing has changed about the other student populations that receive PINs. Any student not in good academic standing and all Sophomore and Freshmen students are issued an Advisement PIN that they will need to provide to access registration in their Portal account.

If you have any questions or if you need additional information about these changes, please feel free to contact me.

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