Issues to Consider for the second half of Coyote:

While quite a few conflicts arise during Book Two, the novel begins to emphasize the younger generation of colonists, who play a significant role in the development and direction of Liberty as well as in the exploration of Coyote.  Steele also further develops the mystical connections between Gillis's Prince Rupert book and the colonists' experience on Coyote. 

To prepare for our Monday, April 23, class, consider the significant roles played by Wendy Gunther and Carlos Montero as these teenagers develop into adults, as well as the role of Gillis's fantasy novel.  That is,

How is Wendy Gunther important to the resolution of conflicts central to the novel?

How does Carlos Montero contribute significantly to the final decision made by the colonists?

How does Leslie Gillis, through his Prince Rupert book, both influence the colonists and allow Steele to promote specific values through his novel?  That is, what essential values are sustained by the Gillis/Prince Rupert elements of this novel?