Multicultural Images of the Virgin Mary

The linked images below are all from photographs taken at Holy Family Church in Waukegan, Illinois.  Some years ago, three neighborhood churches combined to produce a single multicultural congregation comprised of African-American, Chicano/a, and Lithuanian members.  In earlier decades, the three groups each had their own church serving the needs of what in the 1950s were considered to ethnic neighborhoods.  Shifting populations and economic concerns caused the churches to close and the congregations to pool their resources to create a single  new church.  Imagery in the church comes from all three of the previous buildings.  I took the photos with the permission of the resident priest and managed to get good images of Chicano and Lithuanian versions of the Virgin Mary.  Unfortunately, I did not get a good image of St. Anthony, who is depicted as an African.

La Familia

La Virgen de Guadalupe

Lithuanian Virgin Mary