Final Research Paper (30% = 300 Points)

Research and develop a 6-8 page [1,800-2,400 word] research paper discussing the work of one of the authors whose work has been discussed in this class. The final paper will be submitted in hard copy during our final examination class meeting on Thursday, May 5, at 3:00 in Root Hall A-011.

Select an author of interest and produce a research paper that discusses the work by that author assigned in this class and that incorporates information from 3-5 legitimate sources. This is not meant to be either a major research project or a report of what others have said about the author or work in question. As I explained a couple of times in class, the research component might be used simply to initiate your conversation about the author's work. That is, you might in your introduction reference some of the things that a few other critics/scholars have said about the author's work, note the validity of the points that have been made, but open a door to presentation of your own alternative or supplementary views. After spending the body of your paper on your own analysis of the work in question, you might return to the opening references to existing scholarship in your conclusion. [Of course, if I have approved different models in conversation with you, just maintain the focus and structure that we earlier agreed upon.

For the formatting and other instructions, please see the information about beginning an analytical paper about a literary work, incorporating and documenting source material, and avoiding wordy and repetitive phrasing in the instructions provided for your two response papers.

Of course, as I mention above, you will submit the paper in hard copy at our May 5, final examination meeting.