ENG/AFRI 340: MULTICULTURAL AMERICAN LITERATURE                                                                       FINAL EXAM FALL 2009

Section I.   25 Matching Items [2 Points Each = 50 Points]

I will supply a quotation, character, concept, or event, and you will place the letter of the alphabet corresponding to the correct story or novel title in the blank preceding the item.  To assist you with the examination, a list of the stories and authors in the order in which you read them for class will be projected on the screen at the front of the classroom.  Click here to see the list. You will receive the key copied below on a separate sheet of paper and will use it to supply answers to the matching items. Since the exam covers only 12 assigned texts, some titles will be the correct answer to more than one matching item.

 Stories and Novels for Matching Portion of the Final Examination



  Title Author
A. Ceremony Leslie Marmon Silko
B. "Easter Sunday" Aaron Morales
C. "Flashflood" Aaron Morales
D. I Don't Have to Show You No Stinking Badges Luis Valdez
E. "Interpreter of Maladies" Jhumpa Lahiri
F. Kindred Octavia Butler
G. "A Moving Day" Susan Nunes
H. "Real Man Stuff" Aaron Morales
I. "Sonny's Blues" James Baldwin
J. To Kill A Mockingbird Harper Lee
K. "Woman Hollering Creek" Sandra Cisneros
L. "Yellow Woman" Leslie Marmon Silko




Here are a couple of sample matching questions:

                                    1. ____ "You were one woman," he said.  "You and her.  One woman.  Two halves of a whole."

                                    2. ____ He watched the water running through her hair, thinking how pretty her hair looked all spread out in the stream like that. Like seaweed.


Short Essay Questions [50 Points Each = 100 Points].

Respond to TWO of the following short essay questions by writing at least 2 to 3 pages of handwritten text, depending on the size of your handwriting.  The best answers will state a clear thesis that establishes your focus for discussing the character, issue, or thematic concern in question and then will proceed to defend that thesis by supplying and discussing specific examples from the novels.  I have listed central characters and general concerns discussed in class for each novel, keeping the assignment as open as is possible. This provides you with considerable freedom of choice, but also requires that you carefully narrow your focus to a thematic concern, conflict, or character development that can be discussed effectively in only 2-3 handwritten pages. Constructing a thesis that limits your concerns and establishes a pattern of development for your short essay is crucial preparation for the examination.

This is NOT a 4-5 page out-of-class essay, so you need to prepare your answer in advance, including a list of the specific examples that you intend to use to support your position.  YOU MAY USE THE NOVELS WHILE WRITING THIS PORTION OF THE EXAM.  YOU MAY ALSO WRITE YOUR THESIS STATEMENT AND SOME NOTES ON A 4 x 6 INDEX CARD FOR EACH SHORT ESSAY QUESTION.  THAT IS, YOU MAY BRING TWO 4 X 6 INDEX CARDS, ONE FOR EACH ESSAY QUESTION.

1.      To demonstrate your knowledge of Leslie Marmon Silko’s Ceremony, discuss one of the following topics:

Western vs. Native Traditions

Function of the Verse Passages

Night Swan



Tayo’s Healing Ceremony

Hazel Eyes

War Stories and Storytelling

2.      Demonstrate your familiarity with Harper Lee's To Kill A Mockingbird by discussing one of the following topics:

Atticus Finch
Walking in Another Person's Skin
Teaching and Learning
Innocence and Experience
Scout [Jean Louise Finch]

3.      Demonstrate your familiarity with Octavia Butler’s Kindred by discussing one of the following topics:

Kevin Franklin

Margaret Weylin

Rufus Weylin


The Emotional Price of Empathy

A Disfigured Heritage