ENG 239: Slipstream Fiction Summer II 2013
Instructor: Jake Jakaitis Classroom: Holmstedt Hall 007
Office: Root Hall A-209 Meeting Time: 12-2:20 M->Th
Office Phone: 812-237-3269 Office Hours: 3-4 M & W; 11-12 Tu & Th
e-mail: jake.jakaitis@indstate.edu Home Page: http://isu.indstate.edu/jakaitis

Course Policies and Syllabus

Schedule of Readings and Assignments

DATE                       ASSIGNMENT


7-8 [M]                     Course Introduction; Preliminary Slipstream Definitions; Film: Un Chien Andalou, Created by Louis Bunuel and Salvador Dali Paintings

7-9 [Tu]                    Norman Spinrad: "The New Weird" [226-237] Handout SQ; Bruce Sterling: "Slipstream" [1-8] Handout] SQ; Franz Kafka: "The Metamorphosis" On line. SQ

7-10[W]                    Jorge Luis Borges: "The Circular Ruins" [45-50]; "Death and the Compass" [76-86]; "The Garden of Forking Paths" 19-28] Handout SQ

7-11 [Th]                  In Lady Churchill's Rosebud Wristband [LCRW]: "A (Parenthetical) Preface" [[viie-xi] & "An Introduction" [xvii-xx]; In Feeling Very Strange [FVS]: "Slipstream: The Genre That Isn't [[vii-xv]; Film: Lulu on the Bridge, written and directed by Paul Auster


7-15 [M]                    In FVS: "Al" by Carol Emshwiller [3-13]; "The Little Magic Shop" by Bruce Sterling [14-26]; and "Hell is the Absence of God" by Ted Chiang [123-150] SQ

7-16 [Tu]                    In LCRW: "Heartland" by Karen Joy Fowler [58-63]; & "Music Lessons" by Douglas Lain [218-245]; In FVS: "Light and the Sufferer" by Jonathan Lethem [53-86] SQ

7-17 [W]                    In LCRW: "Bay" by David Erik Nelson [133-145]; In FVS: "The Specialist's Hat" by Kelly Link [39-52] SQ

7-18 [Th]                    Exam #1; Film:Don't Look Now[1973]; Director: Nicholas Roeg

Matching Key for Exam #1;   Essay Instructions for Exam #1


7-23 [M]                    In LCRW: "Pretending" by Ray Vukcevich [66-76]; In FVS: "The God of Dark Laughter" by Michael Chabon [208-226] SQ

7-24 [Tu]                   In FVS: "You Have Never Been Here" by M. Rickert [272-284]; in LCRW: "You Were Neither Hot, Nor Cold, But Lukewarm, So I Spit You Out" by Cara Spindler and David Erik Nelson [355-372] SQ

7-25 [W]                   In LCRW: "Three Letters from the Queen of Elfland" by Sarah Monette [116-131] & "Serpents" by Veronica Schanoes [198-208] SQ

7-26 [Th]                   Examination #2 Matching Key [15%]/Bubba Ho-Tep


7-29 [M]                  In LCRW: "Travels with the Snow Queen" by Kelly Link [3-23 & "Help Wanted" by Karen Russell [254-261]  SQ

7-30 [Tu]                  In LCRW: "The Well-Dressed Wolf: A Comic" by Laurence Schimel and Sara Rojo [269-276]; "The Pirate's True Love" by Seana Graham [292-297; and "Happier Days" by Jan Lars Jensen [149-156] SQ

7-31 [W]                  In FVS: "Sea Oak" by George Saunders [87-111] & in LCRW: "Two Stories" by James Sallis [246-253]  SQ

8-1 [Th]                    Examination #3 [20%]; Film ??


8-5 [M]                    In LCRW: "The Rapid Advance of Sorrow" by Theodora Goss [10-117]; & in FVS: "Bright Morning" by Jeffrey Ford [159-180] SQ

8-6 [Tu]                    In FVS: "Biographical Notes to a Discourse 'On the Nature of Causality, with Airplanes'" [185-207] by Benjamin Rosenbaum & "The Lions Are Asleep This Night" by Howard Waldrop [250-271] SQ

8-7 [W]                    In LCRW: "The Ichthyomancer Writes His Friend with an Account of theYeti's Birthday Party" by David J. Schwartz [189-197] & "What's Sure to Come" by Jeffrey Ford [87-101] SQ

8-8 [Th]                    Examination #4 [20%]