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Michael Harmon
Associate Professor


Office Address: SB 1012
Office Phone: 237-2007

The student can have access to the materials in two ways.

One: Through web with the help of Adobe Reader. Adobe Reader is a free software. If you don't have it click here to download it.

Solution Manual 2004

Accounting 404

Solution Manual 2005

Business Law

Two: You can download the entire archive and can have all the original Microsoft Word and PowerPoint documents. In order to access them you need to have Microsoft Word and PowerPoint installed in your system. Also for your conveniences these files are compressed. So you need to unzip these files after you finish downloading. If you don't have winzip, click here to use the evaluation version of winzip.

Click here to download Accounting 404 PowerPoint.

Click here to download Accounting 404 Solutions Manual.

Click here to download Business Laws Power Point.

Note: You need to have winzip to decompress the .zip file after downloading.
Also you need to have Microsoft PowerPoint and Microsoft Word to open these files.